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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

    1. Semi-auto Laminating Machine YFML7209201200 semi-auto laminating machine is a kind of thermal film laminating equipment which is designed and manufactured according to the market requirement. This machine can finish both the laminating and separation processes. And it is also equipped with anti-curve device to assure the paper smooth.
    1. Envelope Making Machine Maximum output (per minute): 
      Envelopes: 70–80 g/m2 150 pieces
      Envelopes: 80–128 g/ m2 250 pieces
    1. Paper Embossing Machine The paper embossing machine is a professional equipment to emboss paper with various veins and patterns upon your requests. It is widely applied in not only the paper embossing on packing, trademark, invitation letter, business card and book cover etc, but also the embossing on leather, thin metal plate and compound material of aluminum and plastic.
    1. Full Automatic Box Window Pasting Machine The full automatic box window pasting machine can be extensively used in sticking window film on various paper boxes. It is configured with corner cutting and line pressing functions.
    1. Ice Cream Cone Forming Machine The ice cream cone forming machine adopts a sucking nozzle to suck the paper, which has been printed previously, from the paper bracket to the transportation chain.
    1. Automatic Pocket Envelope Making Machine Model ZF-780 full-automatic pocket envelope making machine is suitable for sealing the envelope size up to 350×520mm. It enjoys the characteristic of stability, precision and high efficiency.
    1. Envelope Peel and Seal Machine The machine is fit for sticking peeling paper or film. It can finish the following processes: feed paper, locate the paper, daub pressure sensitive adhesive, cut peeling paper or film. And the film length can be adjusted by the stepless variator.
    1. Automatic Textile Screen Printing Machine SPA Independent start-printing and finish-printing end setting: so the machine will automatically stop working when it reaches preset production data.
    1. Automatic Textile Screen Printing Machine SPP Independent start-printing and finish-printing end setting: so the machine will automatically stop working when it reaches preset production data.
    1. Semi-auto Textile Screen Printing Machine High-tech wrapped in and affordable in any workshops;
      High positioning nice registration enables the turntable rotates freely;
      Fatigue elimination for easy hand movement of print heads. 
    1. 24-Station Shoe Sole PVC Injection Machine The 24-station shoe sole PVC injection machine is an ideal product for many kinds of PVC soles and upper. The air blowing system makes the surface smooth with high quality.
    1. Air Jet Loom The air jet loom has been detailed improved on high-speed adaptability, products compatibility, operation ability, energy conservation, safety and the like so as to help customers deal with the increasingly competitive market environment. It is designed in reference to the advantages of various kinds of weaving machines both at home and abroad.
    1. Printing Machine YHJ series is our updated automatic textile screen printing machine. It can be equipped with double sets of receiving/dispatching tables and special unit for multi-functional print.
    1. Plastic Bag Making Machine This automatic high speed three- side sealing machine adopts industrial computer-control, screen display, synchronous length setting, photo-electricity deviation correction, three sets of frequency governors, adjustable and automatic winding of border-material, automatical batch quantity output.
    1. Box Making Machine TY 1300C Gift Bag Notching Machine is suitable for notching various types and models of gift bags and paperboard bags with refined appearance, upgrading the products to meet an ideal effect.
    1. Envelope Making Machine Automatic envelope making machine almost can do everything for the envelope, such as the self-adhesive sticker, window sticking film, envelope tongue gluing etc.
    1. Laminating Machine This laminating machine uses manual hydraulic pressure system, so it has big and even pressure force, high laminating speed with automatic temperature control and speed regulation, conveyer belt for paper delivery, enlarged roller, and even electric heating.
    1. Packaging Machine The granular packaging machine is suitable for soft pack of granular materials in medicine, foodstuff and chemical industries. Because the binding rollers are slantingly installed to reduce material-feeding distance, the efficiency is improved.
    1. Cutting Machine Creasing and die cutting machine is a special equipment for creasing and cutting ordinary cardboard, corrugated board, general plastic and leather. This die cutting machine is applicable to printing, packaging decoration and plastic industries.
    1. Paper Bag Making Machine In order to satisfy the needs of new century, we have made HD-400 automatic paper bag making machine, which is the latest equipment, absorbing the advanced technology from both domestic and foreign.
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