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Cake Tray Forming Machine

The cake tray forming machine is pneumatically controlled to complete paper clipping, paper feeding, paper separating, hot forming, and finished product delivering. It can produce various paper trays through mold replacement. In addition, the cake tray making machine employs variable frequency speed regulation device and automatic heating temperature controller for easy operation, high productivity, and stable performance.

Technical Parameters of Cake Tray Forming Machine
Model JDGT
Paper size (stretching) Φ55-Φ130mm
Raw material Oil-proof paper
Sheet size 30-40g/m2
Productivity 20-40 times/minute, 15-20 sheets/time
Power voltage 380V
Power 2.5kW(motor: 1.5kW, electric heating: 1kW
Air source Working pressure: 0.6MPa, air flow: 0.3m3/min
Weight 500kg
Packing size 1500×1300×1400mm
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