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Die Cutting Machine
    1. Cardboard Cutting Machine The ZB-1300 cardboard cutting machine comes with a quick and easy bland adjustment. It adopts the way of eccentric to lock the knife.
    1. Die Cutting Machine Sliding bearings are made of high quality alloy cooper, thus the machine has a good effect of anti-friction and shake reducing.
    1. Adhesive Sticker Die Cutting Machine The ZBS-320 adhesive sticker die cutting machine is applicable to die cutting of the self-adhesive labels, Dacron film labels and laser anti-false labels.
    1. Auto Slitting Machine Auto slitting machine DK 320 is the associated one for automatically die-cutting machinery. It is mainly used for small size reel material slitting.
    1. Single Head Wire Book Stitching Machine The DT 102 single head wire book stitching machine is one of the most ideal binding equipment for all kinds of books, periodicals, magazines and leather cardboard due to its durable, convenient operation, beautiful shape as well as the correcting and adjusting device.
    1. Fiberboard Laminating Machine The fiberboard laminating machine is an ideal product for the middle sized enterprise to glue the covers of their products. Thanks to the efficiency and high quality, the glued covers are plain and smooth without bubbles and shrink.
    1. JCQ850 High Speed Punch Die Cutter The JCQ850 high speed punch die cutter adopts automatic punching technology. It perfectly integrates the functions of roll paper slitting, die cutting, and waste cleaning.
    1. WFQ-1000H/1800H High Speed Slitting Machine The WFQ-1000H/1800H high speed slitting machine integrates the function of photoelectric tracking, automatic deviation correction, automatic metering, and automatic material feeding.

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