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Paper Cup Forming Machine
    1. Ice Cream Cone Forming Machine The ice cream cone forming machine employs the sucking nozzle to suck the printed paper from the paper bracket to the transportation chain.
    1. Paper Cup Making Machine The JBZ-A paper cup making machine is an ideal product for paper cup making due to its automatic function and multi-working station.
    1. Cake Tray Forming Machine The cake tray forming machine is pneumatically controlled to complete paper clipping, paper feeding, paper separating, hot forming, and finished product delivering.
    1. Paper Cup Forming Machine It produces two-side film-coated paper cup through the procedure of automatic paper feeding, ultrasonic welding, oil silicon lubrication, bottom punching, heating, knurling, curling and cup discharge.
    1. High-Speed Automatic Paper Plate Forming Machine ZDJ-300k High Speed Automatic Paper Plate Forming Machine is developed and designed according to the requirement of market. It is pneumatic type automatic paper dish forming machine with owned unique intellectual property right.
    1. JBZ-12H Paper Cup Forming Machine The JBZ-12H paper cup forming machine is a kind of high speed automatic machinery with multiple stations. It has the function of automatic paper feeding, hot sealing, cup rim lubricating, bottom punching, bottom locating, heating, knurling, curling, and cup discharging.
    1. ZB-12 Paper Cup Handle Fixing Machine Coming with two independent stations, the ZB-12 paper cup handle fixing machine can manufacture the paper cup in varied specifications, synchronously. Through mould replacement, the paper cup making machine can be used for fixing handle to the paper cup with the size from 5oz to 12oz.
    1. ZHCJ Semi-automatic Paper Plate Making Machine The mould of the ZHCJ semi-automatic paper plate making machine is replaceable. So, the paper plate forming machine can be used for producing paper tableware, paper plate, paper tray, and other containers, in different specifications.

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