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Semi-auto Laminating Machine

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Descriptions of Semi-auto Laminating Machine YFML
YFML7209201200 semi-auto laminating machine is a kind of thermal film laminating equipment which is designed and manufactured according to the market requirement. This machine can finish both the laminating and separation processes.
And it is also equipped with anti-curve device to assure the paper smooth.
Thermal film is applied and it is suitable for laminating packing boxes, delicateness boxes, books, drawing and so on. Laminated products are waterproof, durable and has clear picture and strong spatial.

Features of Semi-auto Laminating Machine YFML
1. Frequency conversion function makes operation smooth.
2. Only one person is needed to operate the laminating machine.
3. Paper separating machine is equipped, so papers are cut into sheet automatically after laminating.
4. Auto hydraulic system is adopted, so the pressure can be adjusted automatically.
5. Anti-curve device can insure the paper smoothness.
6. The laminating machine is equipped with film cutting and perforating devices.

Technical Parameters of Semi-auto Laminating Machine YFML
Model YFML-720 YFML-920 YFML-1200
Max. Paper 620×880mm 820×1040mm 1100×1040mm
Temperature 60-130℃ 60-130℃ 60-130℃
Paper Thickness 125-500g/m2 125-500g/m2 125-500g/m2
Max. Laminating Speed 0~30m/min 0~30m/min 0~30m/min
Main Power 6.9KW 8.7KW 9.5KW
Total weight 700kg 900kg 1100kg
Dimensions 3850×1150×1450mm 3980×1350×1450mm 3980×1550×1450mm
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