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Envelope Making Machine

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Technical Parameters of Envelope Making Machine WF-388
Maximum output (per minute):
Envelopes: 70–80 g/m2 150 pieces
Envelopes: 80–128 g/ m2 250 pieces
Blank dimensions: Max. 520×395 mm
Window material
Window material reel diameter: max. 400 mm
Winding core - inner diameter: 70–80 mm
Weight: 30–50 g/ m2 (8–13.3 substance)
Material thickness: 30–50 µm
Film width: 45mm -260mm
Connected load (Standard version)
Drying section 9kW
Vacuum pumps 8 kVA
Total excl. drying section 19.2 kVA
Compressed air consumption 6 bar approx.27 m3/h
Blowing air requirement approx. 60 m3/h
Machine Dimensions and Weight
Length: 7500 mm
Width: 2,200 mm
Height: 1425 mm
Weight: approx. 5,600 kg

Applications of Envelope Making Machine ZF-390C
The envelope making machine is applicable to both pocket and wallet envelopes including No.1-10 pocket envelopes and No.2-9 wallet ones as well as other non-standard paper bags within this range.

Characteristics of Envelope Making Machine ZF-390C
It features that the machine can realize automatic impressing, loading paper without stop, automatic stopping when several pieces of paper are fed, accurately counting by electronic counters.

Technical Parameters of Envelope Making Machine ZF-390C
Gram of adaptive paper:    80-150g/m2
Speed:    3000-12000pcs/h
Power of main pump:    3kw
Power of air pump:    5.5kw
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