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Automatic PE Shrink Packaging Machine

1. The PE shrink packaging machine adopts the upper and lower motor driven conveyor system to significantly facilitate the film conveying. The conveyor motor is reinforced to ensure to it transport steadily.
2. The UK Norgren pneumatic motor controls the complete set of working.
3. Imported Japan Mitsubishi programmable logic controller (PLC) promises the stable performance.
4. Stick-free teflon-coated sealing cutter ensures clear and stick-free sealing lines.
5. By adopting German advanced technology and elaborating according to European process, the packaging machine earns international reputations.

Model ST6040AF
Power supply 220-240V/50-60Hz
Seal size L600×W400mm
Working efficiency 12-18sets/min
Air pressure 1HP/2KW
Conveyor width 300mm
Machine size 210×135×190mm
Machine weight 220kg
Model BSE6040A
Power supply 3 Phase 380V/50Hz
Heater power 22KW
Tunnel size 180×60×40cm
Machine size 275×84×155cm
Machine weight 280kg
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