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Biscuit Cookie Packing Machine

The PW300A biscuit cookie packing machine is applicable for packing various solid regular objects, such as biscuits, paper towel, betel nut, cate, medicine, commodity, hardware loaded by box and tray, etc. Thanks to the high performance and convenient operation, it is an ideal product for solid objects packaging.

1. The biscuit cookie packing machine is designed with compact structure, stable function and simple operation.
2. Double frequency converter enables the package to be cut at right length immediately without adjustment. This one-time setting advantage helps save time and the film.
3. It adopts imported electric appliance, touch-control interface and convenient parameter setting device to promise a high performance.
4. The self-checking function helps users knowing and removing troubles easily.
5. All the controlling is operated by the software. The function improvement and technical upgrading is convenient.

Finished package size (mm) Length 65-190mm
Width 30-110mm
Height 5-35mm
Vertical and cross sealing strength(/Nuton/mm2) >15N/mm2
Packaging speed bag/minute 40-230Bags/min
Packaging film width (mm) 80-200mm
Power specification 220V 50/60Hz2.4KW
Machine weight (kilogram) 800kg
Overall size (lengthXwidthXheight) 3780X640X1560mm
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