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Laminating Machine
    1. Automatic Laminating Machine The automatic laminating machine adopts automatic feeder to assure the feeding, laminating, separating are totally inline for laminating job. Thanks to the servo motor and the touch screen, the operation is easy and convenient.
    1. Dry Laminating Machine The laminating machine is suitable for plastic-plastic, Al-plastic, paper-plastic etc material with dry-method composition.
    1. BOPP Laminating Machine The Laminating Machine is advanced in design, compact in construction and convenient to use.
    1. Mini Double Sided Laminating Machine Thanks to the chromed roller with high efficient heating, variable speed control and proportional temperature control, it is highly efficient and convenient in use.
    1. IR & UV Dual-Purpose Vanishing Machine The IR and UV dual-purpose vanishing machine is an essential machine for printing and fine processing of post-printing. Designed with the world leading technology and national trading features.
    1. Automatic Separating Machine LMFQ series automatic separating machine is a complement of water-base laminating machine. The machine is mainly used in water-base laminating machine to make the laminated paper roller cut into single sheet.

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