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Printing Machine

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

    1. Screen Printing Machine YHJ series is our updated automatic textile screen printing machine. It can be equipped with double sets of receiving/dispatching tables and special unit for multi-functional print.
    1. Flexo Printing Machine Adopt ceramic Anilox roller to spread black.
      Webbing and winding controlled by magnetism power brake and clutch.
      Printing unit use 360 degree adjusting.
    1. Pad Printing Machine FB series screen printing machine is applied to a wide range of packaging industry, such as box decorating fields for cosmetic, wine, gift, calendar adhesives, credit cards, etc.
    1. Gravure Printing Machine YAD C Series Color Computer Auto Jacket Gravure Printing Machine is widely used in intaglio multi-chromaticity printing for all assortments of plastic, paper and rolling materials with function of computer automatic offset. It adopts device of non-shaft cylinder stroke clamping, uses hot wind to dry.
    1. Corollary Equipment HG series infrared conveyor dryer is designed for the final step of screen printing system. Wider longer beltof conveyor dryer is compared with other ones let you accomplish a large production output and speed up the steps to win the market.
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