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Cement Bag Making Machine

The cement bag making machine comes with 4 sets of pneumatic semi-auto paper shaft and assistant shaft for each paper shaft.

1. Production: 120pcs/min
2. Bag Length: 620-1050(mm)
3. Bag Width: 380-650(mm)
4. Kraft Paper Ply: 2-4 Ply available
5. Total power: 15.08kW (total 14 motors)
6. Main motor: 7.5(KW)
7. N.W: 19.60 (TON)
8. Overall size of machine: 31.00×3.20×2.60(m)
9. Max paper diameter: 1300mm. Paper core diameter: Ф75mm.
10. Paper gram: 70-120g/㎡
11. PLC/control PLC: (OMRON)
12. Speed control (converter): Delta
13. Touch screen: 5.6" YV iYW
14. Voltage: 380±10V, 50Hz, 3ф, 4L, AC
15. Accessories: one set of gear and print roll for one size bag, 4 sets of shaft without completed cutting, 3 sets of dot glue shaft.

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