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YH Automatic Textile Screen Printing Machine

The YH automatic textile screen printing machine has higher productivity, helping users achieve quick cost recovery. It is equipped with intelligent micro-processor. The stable performance produces first class printing quality and requires less maintenance. The maximum image area can be 500×700mm, in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 14 colors. Suitable for wide array of workshops, this garment printing machine is generally applied for printing on T-shirts, sleeves, trousers, and fabric sheets and bags, etc.

1. The YH automatic textile screen printing machine comes with servo motor driven indexer, AC motor driven print heads, and pneumatically operated turntable lifting system.
2. The screen frame is tightly held by the pneumatic clamps, which can be adjusted horizontally and vertically for quick frame handling.
3. Our product is well received by virtue of the independent squeegee and flood bar speed regulator and pressure adjustment device.

Touch Screen Control Center
1. The automatic textile screen printing machine has a color display to offer vividly visual guide.
2. This product comes with an independent printing control device. So the machine will stop working automatically when preset production data is completed.
3. The built-in self-diagnostic and alarming system is available with this automatic textile printer.
4. Multiple (1-50) print stroke capability in each print head.
5. The real-time production data will be displayed on the touch screen.
6. Zero position control.
7. Individual print heads can be turned on or off by test print setting during printing cycle.
8. It has the function of loading time and the flash curing dwell time control.
9. There are three curing regions in each in-line cure unit. The curing retions can be set independently.
10. By virtue of the built-in USB interface, software upgrade is possible with this digital textile printer.
11. The automatic textile screen printing machine features easy repeat production due to the technical parameter restoration function.

Turntable or Indexer
1. The turntable can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise.
2. To improve the productivity, the product has double-station indexing capacity.
3. Driven by servo motor, the machine achieves high printing speed, superior smoothness, consistency and long lifespan.
4. The precise central off-contact adjustment minimizes shut-down through the hand lever on the control centre.
5. Precise four-point pallet leveling system for the automatic textile screen printing machine.
6. The pneumatic and tool-free pallet locator makes the pallet changeover convenient and rapid.

Safety System
1. There is safety cord installed between the print heads and four safety bars to eliminate trip-in accident. So the print head can be easily controlled for flash cure and ink refilling.
2. The skip-skirt smashing button, which is installed on both sides of the touch screen, helps avoid printing on empty pallets.
3. The triggering time for shutdown is just one hundredth of a second, ensuring the high safety of the product.

Print Frame
1. The pneumatic clamps realize tight frame clamping and rapid frame replacement.
2. The squeegee and flood-bar angle can be visually adjusted at 1 degree for each operation within the range of 0-30°.
3. In addition to easy changeover for squeegee and flood-bar, the flock print is also available with this automatic textile screen printing machine.
4. Our product has high print flexibility due to the calibrated front and rear stroke length and tool-free adjustment ability.
5. There is a membrane control panel for each print head for easy setup of squeegee and flood bar speed, pneumatic screen frame clamping, horizontal and longitudinal operation, and squeegee and flood bar replacement.

Technical Parameters
Model YH-104/8 YH-156/10 YH-158/12 YH-1510/14 YH-2012/18
Print Color/Station 4-6/8 4-8/10 6-10/12 6-12/14 6-14/18
Max. Image Area 500×700mm 500×700mm 500×700mm 500×700mm 500×700mm
Pallet Size 600×800mm 600×800mm 600×800mm 600×800mm 600×800mm
Frame Size 700×1000mm 700×100/mm 700×1000mm 700×1000mm 700×1000mm
Max. Air Consumption 8P24.71L/100mm
(piston move)
(piston move)
(piston move)
(piston move)
(piston move)
Max. Output 900pcs/h 900pcs/h 900pcs/h 900pcs/h 900pcs/h
Power 2.9kW 4.4kW 4.4kW 4.4kW 5.5kW
Single Dryer Power 13.5kW 13.5kW 13.5kW 13.5kW 13.5kW
Size Φ4800×1650mm Φ5500×1850mm Φ5500×1850mm Φ6000×1850mm Φ6400×2500mm
Weight 2300kg 3000kg 3300kg 3600kg 4300kg

Our Services
1. Warranty
1 year limited warranty after installation. If the spare parts are broken in the warranty period, we will send you free replacement parts.

2. Installation and Training
We can send 1-2 engineers to buyers' factory to install and set up the machines and provide training service, but all the charges for the engineers should be paid by buyer.

3. Quotation
The quotation is available in 60 days.

Packaging & Shipping
We have a professional transport channel.

Company Information
1. About Us
Wenzhou Changs Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the first company specialized in manufacturing printing machines, packing machines, plastic machines and paper converting machines, which has owned export and import license since 2004.
To consider our full service convenience, we have set up service office and showing room at DRAGON-MART of Dubai to provide technical service for customers from Middle East and Africa in 2006, and also we have established technical support offices in Mexico, Egypt and Singapore, our service has satisfied with all of our customers. We enjoy sound reputation in overseas market and domestic.

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