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Automatic Textile Screen Printing Machine SPP

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Touch Screen Control Center
1. Clear visual guide for full colored display;
2. Independent start-printing and finish-printing end setting: so the machine will automatically stop working when it reaches preset production data.
3. In-line self diagnostic and alarming system.
4. Multiple print strokes in each print head.
5. Real-time production data display.
6. Zero position control.
7. Individual print heads can be turned on or off by test print setting during printing cycle.
8. Loading time and flash curing dwell time control;
9. The screen printing machine has 3 curing zones which can be set independently in each in-line cure unit.
10. Future software upgrade is possible.
11. Technical parameters can be restored, which make repeat production possible.

Turntable or Indexer
1. Driven by servomotor;
2. It has high print speed, superior smoothness, consistency;
3. Long service life;
4. Precise four-point pallet leveling system.
5. High pallet changeover speed for the unique pallet locator.

Safety System
1. 1. Trip-in accident elimination: The screen printing machine equipped with safety cords between print heads and four safety bars on load and unload stations ambience.
2. Hundred of a second indexer stop trigger time offers a strong safety guarantee.

Print Frame
1. 30 visual reference marks simplified the squeegee or flood-bar angle adjustment;
2. The printing machine has squeegee or flood-bar, so it is easy to realize changeover;
3. Flock print is available;
4. Max. print flexibility is ensured for calibrated front & rear stroke length and tool-free adjustment function.
5. Setup time is minimized by the membrane control panel in each print head: print and flood speed control, pneumatic screen frame clamping, left-and-right indexing, lifting and lowing action, print and flood holders displacement are all incorporated into these membrane control panels.
6. Adjustable print and flood pressure.

Parameters of Automatic Textile Screen Printing Machine SPP
Model SPP
Print Color/Position 4-12
Max Print Size 500×600/mm
Max Air Consumption 10 CFM
Output 600pcs/h
Total Power 2.5Kw
Machine Dimension ∮4500×1560/mm
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