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SDFJ Disposable Glove Making Machine

The SDFJ disposable glove making machine is developed based on years of experience in the production of HDPE and LDPE bag making machine. The elimination of the heating wire is conducive to the stable quality, automatic control, simple operation, and easy maintenance of the disposal plastic glove making machine. This product is an ideal choice for manufacturing gloves made of PE, ECA, and CPE.

Installed with 1.5kW, 220V frequency converter and variable frequency motor from Panasonic as the main power, the disposable glove making machine is characterized by stable performance and low noise. The control element for the automatic disposal glove making machine employs single chip microcomputer. In addition, the three-phase hybrid stepping motor, as well as the actuator, makes for the low maintenance rate and low noise of the disposal glove making equipment.

Technical Parameters of Disposable Glove Making Machine
Power Supply 220V(380V)
Speed 80-120 pcs/min
Main Motor Power 1.5kW 220V, variable frequency
Heating Power 3600W 220V
Overall Dimensions 2300×1190×1500mm
Machine Weight 600kg


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