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Packing Machine
    1. Pillow Packing Machine Applicable for packing various solid regular objects, such as biscuits, napkins, betel nut, cake, medicine, commodity, hardware or loaded by box and tray etc.
    1. Automatic Candy Packing Machine The candy packing machine delivers good combination of high performance and low cost. It is a pillow type packing device suitable in many applications including soft and hard candy packing, fruit and mini cake preservation.
    1. Biscuit Cookie Packing Machine The PW300A biscuit cookie packing machine is applicable for packing various solid regular objects, such as biscuits, paper towel, betel nut, cate, medicine, commodity, hardware loaded by box and tray, etc.
    1. Automatic PE Shrink Packaging Machine The PE shrink packaging machine adopts the upper and lower motor driven conveyor system to significantly facilitate the film conveying. The conveyor motor is reinforced to ensure to it transport steadily.
    1. Shrink Labeling Machine The YZ-150B shrink labeling machine adopts stainless steel and excellent aluminum alloy with compact structure and convenient adjustment. Convenient motion without anchor bolt makes it flexible in assorted production field.
    1. Full-Auto 5-Gallon Bottle Filling Machine The QGF series full-auto 5-gallon bottle filling machine delivers high performance for washing, filling and capping of the bottles and 3-5 gallons, round or square barrels. It uses electric process to control the production line.
    1. Automatic Linear Liquid Filling Machine Integrated with rapid cleaning, rapid adjusting and stepless speed regulating containers, the liquid filling machine is suitable for filling different liquid into different types of containers.
    1. Semi-Automatic Oil Filling Machine The semi-automatic oil filling machine is an ideal product for filling of lubricant, brake oil, cooking oil, shampoo, detergent, chemicals, etc. due to its large volume, easy operation and adjustment.
    1. Automatic Granule Packaging Machine The DXD-420A automatic granule packaging machine is an ideal product for automatically packaging particles like sweets, beans, peanuts, seeds, grain, biscuits, nuts, tea, dumplings, gourmet, coffee, sugar, etc.
    1. Carton Sealer The sealing equipment adopts two-side belt drive with universal bearing, to ensure the high precision, low noise and long durability of the parts and belts.
    1. Tea Bag Packing Machine It is able to automatically finish the process of bag making, measuring, filling, cutting, sealing and counting. It has special device for hang thread and label.
    1. Toothpick Making Machine The toothpick making machine is an ideal product for making toothpick due to its easy operation, high speed and less maintenance cost.
    1. Automatic Toothpick Packing Machine, ZY-2 This automatic toothpick packing machine is able to finish double-color printing and packing, automatic gluing, automatic counting and drying at one stroke. Each bag contains one or two toothpicks.

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