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Plastic Machine
    1. Zipper Bag Blowing Machine The zipper bag blowing machine combines the advantages of the similar products in domestic and overseas. With the LDPE as its raw material, it enjoys a good plasticity.
    1. Plastic Bag Cutting and Sealing Machine The plastic bag cutting and sealing machine is a kind of advanced packing machinery due to its good designs including the sound and light tracing, computer controlling, material sending by servo electric machine, speed adjusting by frequency conversion.
    1. Plastic Cup Forming Machine The plastic cup forming machine is an ideal product for forming PP, PS, HIPS, PVC and PET plastic sheets due to its high performance.
    1. Plastic Cup Lid Forming Machine The plastic cup lid forming machine is developed by our R&D group according to the demand of packing market. Combined of the advantages of aluminum-plastic blister packing machine and plastic sucking forming machine.
    1. Computerized Embroidery Machine The computerized embroidery machine is a pioneer in domestic markets. Thanks to the dynamic LCD display and the advanced computer operation system, the machine is convenient and intuitionistic in operation.
    1. Embroidery Backing Paper Making Machine Start the embroidery backing paper making machine as follows, Cylinder, tooth roller, section fansoften machine, dryer and slash box. Please note that the carding machine should be kept running for half an hour after turning off all other machine.
    1. 5-Gallon Bottle Blowing Machine The YZ-S2-II 5-gallon bottle blowing machine is ideal for producing PET plastic containers and bottles from 50 to 200ml. It is widely used in producing the bottles for carbonated drink, mineral water, pesticide, oil and cosmetics as well as the wide-mouth bottle, etc.
    1. PE Film Blowing Machine High quality alloy steel is adopted to make the cylinders and the screw stems. The extruding unit is processed with nitrogen treatment and precision finishing, so it has optimum hardness and strong corrosion resistance.
    1. PP Film Blowing Machine This machine set adopt button blow type to produce polypropylene plastic film with good transparency and without phenomena such as flow liner, corrugation and fold etc.
    1. Double-layer Extruding Film Casting Machine If the machine adopts double screws, the two hoppers should use different type of material, one side of the extruded stretch film is adhesive and the other side is normal. It is widely used for packing architecture and hardware parts etc.
    1. Automatic Non-Woven Bag Making Machine This automatic non-woven bag making machine is equipped with computer orientation system, photocell tracking system, and man-machine interface touch screen operation system, and meanwhile.
    1. SBCF Vacuum Forming Machine This high-efficiency plastic forming machine is capable of completing material feeding, heating, forming, cooling, demoulding and cutting, at one stroke.
    1. SJDB Air Bubble Film Machine The SJDB air bubble film machine adopts one-step forming technology for high product quality and high production capacity. Our PE bubble wrap film machine is scientifically and reasonably designed, enabling high reliability, excellent stability, simple operation, and easy maintenance of the packing material machinery.
    1. SJDSP-105/80 Plastic Sheet Extruder Our SJDSP-105/80 plastic sheet extruder is developed based on the single layer plastic sheet extruder, through the utilization of the advance technology home and abroad. The plastic sheet extruding equipment is applicable for making double layer PP, PS, and PE sheet.
    1. SJ PE Film Blowing Machine The PE film blowing machine is suitable for producing film with LDPE, HDPE, and LLDPE. Our blown film extruder is applicable for manufacturing packing material for industrial product, textile, garment, food, and agricultural product.

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