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Envelope Machine
    1. XTJ-380 Envelope Gluing Machine The overlapping width of the envelope can be adjusted through stepless regulator. The gluing width depends on that of the cover flap.
    1. ZF-350 Envelope Machine The ZF-350 envelope machine is offered for manufacturing 1-10# Chinese standard envelope with the maximum size of 350×520mm. Featuring stable performance, high precision and high efficiency, this envelope making machine is an ideal tool for producing peal and seal pocket envelope.
    1. Hydraulic Envelope Die Cutting Machine The hydraulic envelope die cutting machine delivers high efficiency and steady performance due to the fine adjustment of orientation, four columns supporting structure and other advantages. It is capable of automatic separating the paper from the die and automatic stopping.
    1. Envelope Window Film Sticking Machine The Envelope Window Film Sticking Machine is fit for sticking plastic film on envelope's window or disc paper bag's window; it can also stick non-woven fabrics or foil paper on envelope paper.
    1. ZF-150A Pocket Envelope Machine Our ZF-150A pocket envelope machine is applicable for making 1-9# Chinese standard envelope or similar paper bags. The envelope can be produced with double sided tape or silicon paper sprayed with thermosol.
    1. EMS-KD70 Express Envelope Making Machine The EMS-KD70 express envelope making machine is applicable for manufacturing various kinds of express envelope for the express company like EMS, UPS, DHL, etc.
    1. ZF-250A Envelope Making Machine The ZF-250A envelope making machine is suitable for producing 1# to 6# standard Chinese envelope, red packet, chopstick wrapper, western medicine bag and other kinds of small paper bags.
    1. ZJ-9 Self-Mailer Machine The ZJ-9 self-mailer machine integrates the functions of automatic paper feeding, folding mark pressing, tear-off mark pressing at four sides, double sided adhesive tape sticking (or gelatinizing), and counting.

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