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EMS-KD70 Express Envelope Making Machine

The EMS-KD70 express envelope making machine is applicable for manufacturing various kinds of express envelope for the express company like EMS, UPS, DHL, etc. The manufacturing process of the envelope making equipment includes envelope folding, double-side tape sticking, thermosol spraying, silicon paper sticking and the easy tear tape sticking.

Technical Parameters
Working speed 6000-8000pcs/h
Applicable paper 157-350g/m2
Envelope size 160mm×240mm-255mm×350mm
Motor power 13kW
Weight 3500kg
Dimension 5330×970×1520mm plus 4420×970×1520mm
Process sketch map
    Paper feeding
    Horizontal folding
    Glue spraying
    Vertical folding
    Easy tear tape sticking
    Double-face adhesive tape sticking
    Horizontal folding
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