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ZF-150A Pocket Envelope Machine

Our ZF-150A pocket envelope machine is applicable for making 1-9# Chinese standard envelope or similar paper bags. The envelope can be produced with double sided tape or silicon paper sprayed with thermosol. Aside from high efficiency and productivity, this automatic pocket envelope machine is well received due to the stable performance, wear resistance, and convenient maintenance.

Technical Parameter
Applicable paper 70-157g/m2
Working speed 8000-10000pcs/h
Envelope size 102×120-260×390mm
Weight 2.5t
Motor power 9kW
Dimensions 3400×1200×1900mm
Process Sketch Map
    Paper feeding
    First horizontal folding
    Glue spraying
    Second horizontal folding
    Vertical crease pressing
    Vertical folding
    Silicone tape sticking
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