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ZJ-9 Self-Mailer Machine

The ZJ-9 self-mailer machine integrates the functions of automatic paper feeding, folding mark pressing, tear-off mark pressing at four sides, double sided adhesive tape sticking (or gelatinizing), and counting. Apart from the self-mailer, this high speed self-mailer machine can be used for making 2# to 9# standard Chinese envelope and 2# to 7# western envelope. Characterized by high efficiency, stable performance, and convenient speed regulation, the envelope making machine is an ideal choice for producing self-mailer with both thick and thin paper.

1. The rubber covered roller for the self-mailer machine is improved to realize continuous paper feeding and eliminate paper damage.
2. The rotating transverse crease pressing unit, as well as the pin puller positioning system, is conducive to the accurate mark pressing of the self-mailer making machine.
3. We utilize air suction type conveyer belt for silicon paper feeding, eliminating the influence caused by the cutting tool.
4. The knife for the tear-off mark is controlled by taper lock hub, realizing automatic centring and convenient regulation.
5. Box iron rack and the rigid axle transmission mechanism of the high efficiency paper bag making machine ensure high speed, excellent stability, and accurate transmission.
6. Failure warming device is available with this self-mailer machine.
7. Human-computer interface operating system.

Technical Parameters
Applicable Paper 100-250g/m2
Production Capacity 7000 pcs/hour
Total Power 12kW
Product Size 250×125-340×229mm
Machine Size 5800×1000×1350mm
Machine Weight About 3.5 tons
Processing Diagram of Self-Mailer Machine
  • 1. Paper suction
  • 2. Positioning
  • 3. Mark pressing
  • 4. Double sided adhesive tape sticking
  • 5. Secondary positioning
  • 6. Secondary mark pressing
  •  7. Secondary double sided adhesive tape sticking
  • 8. Finished product collection
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