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ZF-350 Envelope Machine

The ZF-350 envelope machine is offered for manufacturing 1-10# Chinese standard envelope with the maximum size of 350×520mm. Featuring stable performance, high precision and high efficiency, this envelope making machine is an ideal tool for producing peal and seal pocket envelope.

Technical parameters
Working Speed 6000-8000pcs/h
Paper Weight 80-128g/m²
Envelope Size 100×102-350×520mm
Weight 2.5t
Machine Power 9kW
Size 3400×1200×1900mm
Process Sketch Map
  • 1. Paper feeding
  • 2. Horizontal paper folding
  • 3. Glue spraying
  • 4. Horizontal paper folding
  • 5. Vertical paper folding
  • 6. Envelope specification
Sample Display
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