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Box Making Machine
    1. Pre-Folder & Lock Bottom Automatic Folder Gluer The SFG-AG pre-folder and lock bottom automatic folder gluer is a new type of economic pre-fold lock-bottom high speed automatic pasting machine with nice appearance and easy operation.
    1. Automatic Cardboard Covering Machine This automatic cardboard covering machine features optical positioning and hydraulic correction device. It is able to cover quickly and accurately on the liner paper. This is our patent technology.
    1. Semi Automatic Book Cover Making Machine The semi automatic book cover making machine is designed to glue and sharping the hard book cover. It features automatic paper feeding, plastic coating, temperature controlling and 24-hours timing. The frequency converter modulation is used for the main engine.
    1. SRB6040 Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine The SRB6040 automatic rigid box making machine is an ideal option for manufacturing upscale gift box. The reasonable design, reliable performance, and the internationally advanced technology make this product quite popular.

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