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XTJ-380 Envelope Gluing Machine

1. The XTJ-380 envelope gluing machine is particularly offered for cover flap pre-gluing.
2. The continuous paper feeding results in high productivity.
3. The overlapping width of the envelope can be adjusted through stepless regulator. The gluing width depends on that of the cover flap.
4. Our envelope making machine uses rotary roller to spread the glue, ensuring the glue is evenly distributed.
5. The glue is dried by hot wind for optimal flatness.

Technical Parameters of Envelope Gluing Machine
Productivity 6000-15000pcs/h
Applicable paper 70-150g
Envelope size 120mm×110mm-380mm×480mm
Total power 4.5kW
Weight 1200kg
Dimensions 3500×1050×1210mm
    Process sketch map
    Feeding paper
    Overlapping paper
    Glue spraying
    Paper drying
    Feeding paper
    Overlapping paper
    Glue spraying
    Paper drying
    Specification of envelope paper
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