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Zipper Bag Blowing Machine

The zipper bag blowing machine combines the advantages of the similar products in domestic and overseas. With the LDPE as its raw material, it enjoys a good plasticity. It is specified equipment for manufacturing colorful inter-chaining bags for common packing or cold storage and saddle bags with double connections.

Machine model ZIP-55
Material LDPE
Extruding Output 5-25kg
Film Width 50~480mm
Thickness of film 0.04~0.15mm
Film annulus diameter Φ550mm
Diameter of Screw Φ55mm
Draw Ratio of Screw 28:1
Transducer motor 7.5kW
Power of Assistant Machine 0.75kW
Heater 12kW
Cooling 1.5kW
Power 25KW
Dimension(L×W×H) 6000×1200×4500mm
Voltage 50Hz-60Hz 380V
Press empty machine
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