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Plastic Bag Cutting and Sealing Machine

The plastic bag cutting and sealing machine is a kind of advanced packing machinery due to its good designs including the sound and light tracing, computer controlling, material sending by servo electric machine, speed adjusting by frequency conversion. It is specially used in sealing and cutting high-pressure PE inter-chaining bag (which is also called Ziplock bag, beach bag and bone bag).

Machine model ZIP-500
Material LDPE
Capacity 50~150/(Cycle/min)
Cutting width 100~500mm
Cutting width 120~300mm
Thickness of film 0.04~0.15mm
Film annulus diameter Φ550×500mm
Step motor 1.3KW
Transducer motor 1.5kW
Heater 2kW
Feed-out motor 0.25kW
Ultrasonic 1set
Conveying electrical 0.3kW
Cooling 0.37kW
Power 3KW
Dimension(L×W×H) 3200×1100×1500mm
Voltage 50Hz-60Hz 220V
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