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Plastic Cup Forming Machine

The plastic cup forming machine is an ideal product for forming PP, PS, HIPS, PVC and PET plastic sheets due to its high performance. It is widely used to produce all kinds of plastic boxes, containers and other plastic wares, such as ice-cream cups, milk cups, chocolate package boxes, candy boxes, fast-food boxes, etc.

Plastic Extrusion Section
1. Maximum forming area: 250×580mm 2. Maximum forming depth: 120mm
3. Maximum width range of sheet: 300-660mm 4. Thickness range of sheet: 0.2-2.0mm
5. Maximum sheet roller diameter: 710mm 6. Air pressure: 0.7Mpa
7. Water consumption: 100 Liters/min 8. Air consumption: 2000 Liters/min
9. Manufacturing speed: 10-35mould/min 10. Power: 3-N AC 308V±15V
11. Heating motor power: 60kW 12. Main motor power: 5.5kW
13. Feeding motor power: 2.2kW 14. Rewinding motor power: 0.37kW
15. Weight: 4000kg 16. Main machine(L×W×H): 3300×1650×2250(mm)
17. Dewinder (L×W×H): 1250×800×1900(mm)
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