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SJDSP-105/80 Plastic Sheet Extruder

Our SJDSP-105/80 plastic sheet extruder is developed based on the single layer plastic sheet extruder, through the utilization of the advance technology home and abroad. The plastic sheet extruding equipment is applicable for making double layer PP, PS, and PE sheet. The automatic plastic sheet extruder is widely used in the production of disposal plastic cup, ice cream cup, flower disc, tableware, and so on.

Technical Parameters of Plastic Sheet Extruder
Model SJDSP-105/80 Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line
Applicable Material PP (polypropylene) or HIPS (polystyrene)
Screw Dia. of Main Engine 105mm
Screw Dia. of Auxiliary Engine 80mm
Screw Length/Diameter Ratio 30:1
Screw Speed 0-70rpm
Main Engine Heating Power 30kW
Main Engine Power 55kW
Heating Power of Auxiliary Engine 25kW
Auxiliary Engine Power 37kW
Production Capacity 170kg/h
Overall Dimensions 10500×4200×2700mm
Weight 8000kg
Power Supply 380V/3Phase/4Line/50Hz
Note Two sets of thermostats are needed for HIPS.
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