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Automatic Laminating Machine

The automatic laminating machine adopts automatic feeder to assure the feeding, laminating, separating are totally inline for laminating job. Thanks to the servo motor and the touch screen, the operation is easy and convenient. By setting the paper length, the machine carries out the overlapping automatically with an overlap tolerance of about ±2mm. It adopts heat-transfer oil for the heating roller and a temperature meter inside the oil without contacting the roller surface to get the accurate temperature.

Model YFMA520
Feeding Automatic
Separation Screen setting automatically
Paper 90 – 450gsm, 500×750mm
Maximum width 75cm and length 70cm. But for biggest size, paper weight need to be more than 125g.
Feeder's load capacity
Laminating roller surface Silicone
Suitable format B1, B2, B3, A4 and so on
Max paper (width × length) 500mm×720mm
Speed control 0~30m/min
Max performance B2: 2600pcs/h
Temperature control 60 - 140℃
Power supply 380v 50Hz 3 P / 220V 60Hz 3P / 220V 50Hz 2 P
Power With compressor 11kW
Machine Weight 650kg
Modular Stand
Reception Unit
Jogger Optional
Machine size 2570×1210×1200mm
Machine weight 500kg
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