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Dry Laminating Machine

Descriptions of Dry Laminating Machine GF
1. The laminating machine is suitable for plastic-plastic, Al-plastic, paper-plastic etc material with dry-method composition.
2. The machine is equipped drying tunnel roller with coupled style and front and back press roll with pneumatic style.
3. And photoelectrical correcting deviation system and tension magnetic powder control system are also available with the laminating machine.
4. It features with an air-enlarging shaft, double motor frequency governor, novel design, high precision and high speed.

Technical Parameters of Dry Laminating Machine GF
Model GF-600 GF-800 GF-1100
Laminating width 600mm 800mm 1100mm
Diameter of unwinding 600mm φ76mm 600mm φ76mm 600mm φ76mm
Diameter of rewinding 800mm 800mm 800mm
Laminating speed 5-80m/min 5-80m/min 5-80m/min
Total power 28.5kw 42kw 60kw
Machine dimension 7200x1420x2860mm 7200x1620x2860mm 7200x1920x2860mm
Machine weight 3200kg 3500kg 4200kg
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