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SPD Automatic Flat Screen Printing Machine

The SPD automatic flat screen printing machine, also known as automatic water-based dyestuff printer, is the representative flat screen printing equipment in the industry. It features excellent stability, high accuracy, high productivity, simple operation, low failure rate, little maintenance, and energy conservation.

Capable of satisfying diversified printing requirements, the automatic flat screen printing machine takes the leading positing in the printing machinery industry. This product is widely used for the production of bath towel, towel, carpet, sweater, children's wear, dress, nightgown, T-shirt, and some other product made of natural fibre, synthetic fibre, and blending.

Technical Parameters of Automatic Flat Screen Printing Machine
Model SPD1260 SPD1680 SPD2010 SPD2215
Print Colour 6 6 6 6
Width of Moving Belt 150cm 200cm 240cm 260cm
Length of Moving Belt 15.3m 18.9m 22.5m 35m
Max. Printing Area 60×120cm 80×160cm 100×200cm 150×220cm
Max. Frame Size 80×165cm 110×210cm 130×250cm 180×260cm
Printing Accuracy 0.1mm 0.1mm 0.1mm 0.1mm
Ourput 1200pcs/h 1200pcs/h 1200pcs/h 1200pcs/h
Printing Motor Power 2.3kW 3.0kW 3.0kW 3.5kW
Servo Motor Power 4.0kW 5.0kW 5.0kW 5.0kW×2
Overall Dimensions 765×200×130cm 945×250×130cm 1130×290×130cm 1750×310×130cm
Machine Weight 3500kg 3700kg 4300kg 5000kg
Air Consumption Air compressor with the air displacement of 0.9m3/min is needed.
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