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SPT Automatic Flatbed Screen Printer

The SPT automatic flatbed screen printer is a kind of high-tech printing equipment developed based on traditional product. It comes with intelligent micro-processor and touch screen. The high-precision multicolor registration and stable machine performance improve both the printing quality and the productivity. In addition, it can save labor cost for the users.

Designed in light weight, this range of product is widely used in small, medium, and large corporations. In addition to printing on garments and leathers like nylon, tetoron, micro-fiber twill, satin, PVC and PU, it is an ideal choice for printing on stationery, handbags, gift boxes, metal sheets, hard or soft plastic boards like PVC, PP, PC, PET, EVA, APET, PETG, fabric boards, and glass plates, in multiple colors. The screening printing machine is capable of working on both sheets and roll feeding.

1. Engineered with dual-track framework, the SPT automatic flatbed screen printer operates stably. In addition, the onboard servo motor driving mechanism ensures high-precision positioning.
2. The integrated design of the squeegee and the flood bar makes for easy screen frame replacement and ink filling, as well as visible color registration. The pressure regulator helps achieve high and consistent printing quality.
3. By virtue of convenient screen frame replacement, this automatic screen printer is particularly suitable for the production requiring multiple colors and high quality printing in small quantity.
4. Aside from the touch screen, the intelligent micro-processor achieves easy operation of the product.
5. It is available for user to set squeegee and flood bar working speed, stroke length, and working frequency. The real-time production data will be displayed on the screen.
6. Consuming less power, the SPT automatic flatbed screen printer requires less maintenance, saving production cost for users, accordingly.
7. An IR flash cure unit is available with the multi-color screen printer.

Main Technical Parameters
Print Size: optional
Flatbed Size: optional
Output: 1200pcs/h (Max.)
Registration: ±0.08mm
Total Power: 2.0kW

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