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Self Adhesive Label Printing Machine (Sticker Printing Machine)

1. The self adhesive label printing machine adopts the ceramic anilox cylinder to transfer the ink.
2. The unwinding and rewinding are controlled by magnetic power brake and clutch, (or by auto tension controller of Mitsubishi of Japan for option).
3. Each printing unit adopts 3600 plate-adjustment.
4. It is equipped with IR dryer for each printing unit. (UV dryer is optional)
5. With a die-cutting station, it can finish printing and die cutting in one process.
6. The ink rollers can be separated from the printing roller and keep running when the machine stops.
7. It adopts frequency conversion stepless timing motor as the main motor.
8. The machine can finish material-feeding, printing, lighting, drying, laminating, die-cutting and rewinding in a lump.

Model RY320-4B
Printing speed 60m/min
Printing color 4 colors
Max web width 320mm
Max printing width 310mm
Max unwinding diameter 600mm
Max rewinding diameter 550mm
Printing girth 175-320mm
Precision of registration ±0.10mm
Dimensions 2100×1100×2500(mm)
Machine weight About 2200kg
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